Lena Zavaroni MP3's


I have isolated the audio track of a number of videos freely available on Youtube. Wherever possible I have tried to improve the sound quality, which is limited when considering the original source was a mono television broadcast.

I hope you like them and download them, put them on your MP3 player and enjoy Lena on the move!

To my knowledge these tracks are not currently commercially available in digital format. If they ever do get commercially released I will, of course, remove them from this site.


I am hoping to eventually have every song she sang on her TV shows. If the TV company won't release them, The Ginger Ninja will!


Together We Are Beautiful Lately
All I Need Is The Air That I Breath Oh, My Papa
Another Someone Done Somebody Wrong Song One More Chance
Desperado She Works Hard For The Money
End Of The World Should Have Listened To Moma
Going Nowhere Some Of These Days

I Know I'll Never Love This Way Again

Someone I Used To Love



It's My Turn

Take That Look Off Your Face

Jump Down Jimmy

This Is It!